Sunday, January 17, 2010

Want to get more traffic for your blog giveaway?

Promoting a blog giveaway takes a lot of work.  
I know, I run giveaways frequently myself.  To be successful, you need to be constantly promoting the giveaway, but not everyone has time to do that.

Let Blog Giveaway Directory do the work for you!
I offer several options to help promote your giveaway.  We offer free, standard, and deluxe, and ultimate advertising packages to help spread the word about your giveaway.

Because of our page rank, new information from any of our blog posts is added fairly quickly to Google. 

 For more information on the advertising packages we offer or to order, please visit Blog Giveaway Directory.  


Concord Carpenter said...


What a great idea.

As you know, I've got a tool giveaway coming up in a few weeks. I think I may take you up on one of your offers.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i just ordered your ultimate package. what do i do now?

Sarah said...

I am interested in speaking with you. What is the best way to ask you questions? I have weekly giveaways and would like to know how that would work.

Sarah Baron

Christine said...

I just wanted to let you know that I used your Ultimate package recently for my blog giveaway and it was the most successful giveaway I have ever run! I received over 200 entries! You site was the only site I, myself, listed on and I saw traffic coming from tons of places! Thank you so much for your help! It's an amazing price totally worth it!!! Thank you so much!!!

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

Do you have packages for promoting 5-10 giveaways at one time for a week? I would love to chitty chat with you about a custom package idea. Email me at itzacin at aol dot com Thank you so much. Cindi

Kite Koop Keeper said...

I would like to promote an event (week long) for November you do packages for multi-giveaways?

Jen @ GBG said...

I didn't realize there were new comments here. The best way to have your questions answered is to drop me an email (ssovrnej (at)

I do sometimes offer multi-giveaway packages on a case by case basis . Please email me for more information.