Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Enter to win a CamiBand - ends 5/07/11

Prize: CamiBands ~ The Ultimate Wardrobe Extender. 2 Winners will each receive a Camiband of choice {$24.99 Value}

Blog: Leslie Loves Veggies

# of winners: 2

Entry Limit: Daily
Country / Age Eligibility: World Wide 18+

End Date and Time: 5/07/11 at 7:00 am EST

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Product User said...

I know that CamiBands doesn't work on anyone with C or D cup bras, but give me a break CamiBand - when I sent an email to the company stating this... that on larger breasted women, the CamiBand hardly covers the breast and certainly isn't long enough to cover the breast and then lay flat under the breast as it should in order to not 'ride up'... they sent me an envelope with a pre-printed card that says:
"Women come in all different sizes...If needed, use these handy safety pins to attach your Camiband to your front bra straps. This will keep your Camiband perfectly in place. And they taped two safety pins to the card."

Number 1: A pre-printed card means that they KNOW their product is not effective even on C or D cups and obviously have sent 'safety pins' to many customers.
Number 2: If I had wanted to use safety pins, I wouldn't have bought Camibands in the first place.
Number 3: Using a safety pin on the bra strap does not prevent the Camiband from still 'riding up' and 'bunching up' over my bra. I'd have to pin it to my bra and then pin it to the underside of my bra. They should have sent 4 safety pins.

Summary: Don't buy this product if your Cup Size is more than a 'B'.
(though I even wonder if it is long enough not to 'bunch up' even on a 'B' cup size.) If you are a smaller size than that, the lace is pretty and it just might work for you....